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Moderation is no part of my nature. Joy, sorrow, affection, resentment, laziness, work— I have overdone them all. My life has been one long excess… I feel with a passion that devours me… When I take up a book, I want to understand it so quickly that the blood rushes to my head. I can’t see straight, and I have to stop. Then I go into a ridiculous rage at myself… I beat my brain… I have always been capricious and proud. No one, among women whose tendency it is to say ‘yes,’ derives more pleasure than I do from saying ‘no.’ So the men to whom I have given the most are those who asked the least of me.
Céleste Vénard

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One of my favorite TA’s wrote this piece, and my other favorite TA wrote the description of it (below). It’s really freaking awesome, errbody should listen to it. :D


As a grad student at the University of Maryland’s School of Music, I get the chance to work with and meet some incredibly cool people. One such person is Lexi Tavani Bryant. She’s a composition DMA student who is just a phenomenally friendly person to be around, and who is totally beloved by her students. 

Her husband is one of the violinists of the Aeolus Quartet, our graduate string quartet in residence. In March, I wrote some program notes for the Quartet’s performance of the Ravel quartet (among other pieces on a program). They liked them, and have asked me to write some more notes (yay!). 

But emailing with them reminded me that I wanted to check out their albums on Spotify. And then I remembered that one of their album’s had one of Lexi’s works on it. And that’s what you’ve got in that Spotify player there. 

It’s absolutely amazing, and I’m totally enchanted by it. But even more so, this is the first time that a pretty obvious fact has hit me: the people I work with at UMD are professional-caliber musicians who are doing absolutely incredible things. It’s neat to write about music, especially the pieces that I love and write about. But these folks? They’re out there making music. In Lexi’s case, that’s literally making music. 

I just… I’m blown away by how skilled these people that I just know and am friendly with are. Give the piece a listen, then give the whole album a listen. I also really like “Appalachian Polaroids” on there. 

If you want to know more about Lexi, her website is here. And the Aeolus Quartet - who have been accepted as a quartet in residence at freaking Juilliard - are here

Reblogging this because I listened to it again last week and it’s still amazing. Give it a listen